Ever since my daughter started having a steady bedtime routine, my husband and I would take her to the library on campus and pick a few books. Some were well received while others were thrown or ripped up. It happens.

This last trip to the library, I decided to take a moment away from baby and find some books I'd like to read. One that stood out was Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Practicing the Craft With Breaking Your Budget by Deborah Blake.

Here's my take on it.

The book itself is categorized into what you need for any practice, easy to-dos that cost less than $10, recipes for every Pagan holidays, and lots of recommendations for websites and books all in between. There's a chapter exclusively for everyday practices and DIY projects as well.

First, I love how organized it is. Even for a short read (almost 200 pages) it puts projects and recipes into sections for easy location in the future. So awesome, especially for people like me who do like to get ridiculously specific with everything.

Do I want to find that recipe for poppets and tarot boxes? Super easy to find!​

A lot of guides I've found on how to use frugality in your craft really don't follow that title. They say "Save money and still get awesome magic!" but then say you need expensive statues, candles, athames, etc.

How does that work again?!

Ms. Blake, however, does wonderful in this guide. She really drives home the idea of creating something for free and under $10, even bringing to mind various living situations. For example, she mentions candles at one point and alternatives to those in dorms. As a former college student, I really appreciate and value that thought.

I'd also like to point out that you can use this guide for any branch of the Craft or magic.

Some books you can tell how the author is inclined and they really drive it into your brain. Blake does a great job at mentioning her practices and personal/work life but not preaching to you.

The only thing I don't like: this is a library book so I can't keep it! It will definitely be on my to buy list for the future though. It's even on my Amazon wishlist already!

If you're a new practitioner, or just broke like me and really want some DIY ideas for your practice, pick this book up! It's super fun and handy.

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