Say you know fifteen people. You invite them over for dinner so everyone sits at the table. You set out candles, the best china, Jill Scott's singing about a family in the background; you brought out the works. While everyone's eating, every person is talking at the same time. Just jabbering away.

How much of that entire dinner conversation did you pick up? Maybe the couple people sitting next to you but Bobby and Jill all the way down on the other side didn't hear anything. Just like you couldn't hear them.

How much of that music could you hear? Did the tableware matter (especially after Tom broke a dish)?

Now, imagine instead, bringing three of friends over instead. Same setting, same song, just a smaller crowd.

How much easier is it to engage in the conversation? You can see everyone interacting with each other in detail. You notice when Sue is feeling full. You see razor burn on Toby's chin. You share genuine laughs with everyone and not just a few.

When we see a crap ton of cards laid out on the table during a tarot reading, there's this expectation of "Wow, this is going to be amazing!"

If you don't lay out more than five cards for a reading, especially paid, there must be something wrong with you as a reader, right? Wrong.

When there are too many cards on the table, things are more easily left out. There's less looking at the big picture because too many elements are involved.
Large spreads are good at looking at a problem in a broader sense, not necessarily precise.

With small spreads, one to three cards, there's more intimacy.
The details aren't missed.
We pay attention to where the characters in the cards are looking.
We notice colors and reoccurring numbers more often.
You give a more in-depth reading experience.

But don't you get more information with more than three cards? Not always. You can gain just as much information from three cards as eleven.

This is why even quick readings of one or three cards can be just as in-depth as Celtic Cross or even 72-card spreads (Yes, they exist and they're ridiculous).

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