What is a Ouija board?

Are they dangerous?

Can they put you in contact with spirits?

Can they summon demons?

Are they really just games?

These are questions I get asked daily on my Ouija board advice blog, The Ouija Girl.

I started it one day when saw a long post explaining all the “rules” of the Ouija board, including such gems as “keep a piece of silver on the board to ward away evil spirits” and “flip the planchette over if it starts counting down the numbers in order to trap the spirit in the board.”

As someone who had been playing on the Ouija board for nearly twenty years, I was shocked that a) people in this day and age could actually believe that any of those tricks would do something, and b) the post had thousands of notes. This misinformation was circulating the Internet, and continuing to perpetuate false rumors about them would only make them more sensational and make people more afraid of them.

I started the blog in August of 2015, intending to run it through Halloween and answer as many questions as I could until then. I expected to have only a handful of followers, but I had a few hundred by Halloween, all of whom were encouraging me to keep it going. Today I have over 8,000 followers, and I get asks every day about Ouija boards, spirits, and everything paranormal.

So what are Ouija boards, exactly?

Simply, they are board games you play with dead people.

You ask the spirit a question and let them answer using your energy to move the planchette across the board.

They became mass produced in the 1890s and have been for sale as board games ever since. They have never been considered divination tools, sacred items for pagan beliefs, or demon summoning portals.

They are board games and always have been.


Could Ouija boards be dangerous?

Certainly, if you’re playing in the wrong frame of mind.

If you’re playing with the intention of making fun of the spirits, harassing them, or just being rude to them, then they’re going to be rude back.

You get the energy you put into it. If you play while staying positive and expecting a fun time, you’ll have a fun time. If you play while being afraid, nervous, or anxious, you’ll get some nasty energy back.

Spirits can totally take advantage of the fact that you’re afraid to scare you just for laughs.

They can pretend to be demons, or pretend to “escape” the board, or just spell out negative things. That’s usually why I recommend people not play if they’re scared, have been taught that Ouija boards are dangerous through their religion, or are struggling with their health or wellbeing. You’ll be more easily taken advantage of that way.


Who are you talking to with the Ouija board?

Simply, spirits, who are just people who have passed on and are in between lives.

There’s nothing particularly special or magical about them. They are people you cannot see that exist in the spirit realm.

If they acquire energy, they can manipulate things around them (which is poltergeist activity) or partially materialize (which is a shadow person).

Nothing about a spirit, poltergeist, or shadow person is dangerous unless you give them power over you, which can simply be done by being afraid of them.

And they are not all-knowing and wise; they’ll know as much about the past, present, or future as you will. Which is why I don’t recommend using the Ouija board to a) get serious life advice, b) accurately predict the future, or c) try to communicate with specific people.

Spirits aren’t honor bound to tell the truth, but can lie about whatever they want. I always say that if the Ouija board spells out something unbelievable and unlikely, then it is.

What the Ouija board WON’T summon are ghosts, who are people who aren’t aware they have passed and are just kind of floating around, and demons. Demons are far more powerful than any piece of cardboard manufactured by Hasbro, and if they want to contact you, they’ll just do so.

The point of a Ouija board is to have fun.

They’re party games that aren’t meant to be taken so seriously.

If you’re curious about playing, you can head to your nearest toy store to buy one, or you can simply make one with a pen and paper.


If you ever have any questions about ouija, spirit communication, or safe practices with both The Ouija Girl is the first and best place I can recommend.

This woman is a fantastic source of information and experience; definitely stop by her blog sometime.

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