The Law of Attraction is something you quite often hear in magic; it's the idea of intention bringing out the manifestation of goals, dreams, and even spell or tarot work.

In her book The Law of Attraction Does Not Work, Briana Marie goes over this idea and how the Law of Attraction, despite the title, can be correctly used to make positive changes in your life.

As a magic practitioner, I was very curious about her thoughts on this widely debated topic. So I picked up a copy; here are my thoughts!

Ms. Marie first talks about what the Law of Attraction is, describing it as "like attracts like".

I've spoken about this idea before, and continue to talk about it for manifestation; if you state what you want as what you already are than the energies of the universe will start manifesting that goal.

For example, if I want a nice home for my family I would be inclined to say "I want my dream home". Instead, I should say:

"I have a beautiful home. There's a garden in the back with a meditation area and berry bushes so my children can go pick fresh berries for dessert every summer. My husband has a man cave with Deadpool posters, a bar filled with vodka, and we play DnD every Saturday down there. I have a library with an office area for my business, a reading nook, and it leads into my luxurious bathroom where I can chill for five hours in the tub and listen to Enigma."

Even though I may not get that exact home, by telling myself that I have the home I want the universe listens. It works even more if you state those intentions and goals out loud; you're using more energy to create your goals' realizations.

I originally started learning about this idea because of my Witches Tarot deck. The Magician of the deck is pointing skyward and to the earth. He's signifying the Law of Attraction and what material things we have exist on both our plane and the spiritual plane.

The way Ms. Marie talks about this idea is having a negative attitude continues to bring negative into your life, and visa versa. This makes sense; if you're nothing but a grouchy asshole than you're going to attract more things for you to be grouchy about.

She also goes over each of the 12 Universal Laws, defines them, and shows how they connect into your life. I find this very helpful, especially for those who don't understand what the Law of Attraction really is.

I find this to be an incredibly handy guide. If you're interested in the Law of Attraction, want to learn the basics so you can further research and expand into your magical practice, I highly recommend this guide. It's a really fascinating read that's right to the point and the author does a really great job of relating it to real life.

If you're interested in buying the guide, it will officially launch May 8-11th and you can get it right here. Seriously check it out; it's a must-read for magical learners.

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