One process of tarot reading is to sit and answer a list of questions in a spread, put the cards in a specific layout, and there's a completed reading.

Through my years of reading tarot and oracle cards, I've found a method for finding questions that get to the source of the problem for clients, finding the answer, and providing steps on how to get there is much more effective.

In a recent interview, I did with Christina Quick (which you can view right here), we talked a bit about my intuitive reading process.

One process of tarot reading is to sit and answer a list of questions in a spread, put the cards in a specific layout, and there's a completed reading.

This is called reading systematically; you've memorized the card meanings and recite them like a script when the card comes up.

Through my years of reading tarot and oracle cards, I've found a method for finding questions that get to the source of the problem for clients, finding the answer, and providing steps on how to get there is much more effective.

This is called reading intuitively; you rely on your intuition and natural instincts to come up with the card meanings and questions for a reading.

Instead of memorizing from a book, reading off a script, you're trusting your own ability to understand the cards and your situation.

I find this method gives depth and guidance of a more beneficial kind. I'm listening to my situation and figuring out what I actually want to know.
I'm paying attention to familiar symbols and characters in the cards; these clues give me an idea of what the cards mean.
I'm listening and trusting myself.

This is a big hurdle for aspiring tarot card readers. There's so much doubt that millions of clarifying cards are pulled, books flipped open, and Google searches made to get the right answer.

The only right answer is your own intuition. No book is going to tell you that.


I've begun to develop my own system when it comes to intuitive tarot reading. It's a specific way to journal, pick apart the symbols of your cards, and learn without memorization.

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