Baby's in bed and (finally) asleep.
The shower's taken and teeth are brushed.
Tea is freshly brewed, chakras balanced for the day
I'm zen and prepared; writing time!

I go to sit down at my laptop and...nothing.

I have quite a few moments like this. Even when I've planned out way ahead what I'm going to write, which I always do, I have no clue how to start.

It's aggravating.
It's annoying.
It's downright discouraging.

But I have to write something; I have a blog to run! So I turn to my very bestest friends in the world to help me out in a moment of crisis: my tarot cards.

Wait, tarot can help with writer's block?

Of course! You couldn't get more inspiration than from a tarot card, in my humble opinion.

First off, there's the absolute beautiful imagery you have to work with. Just staring at the art style of a deck, no matter who it's by, can be enough to inspire you.

If that doesn't help, take a look at the meanings of the cards. I've mentioned before how I graduated with a degree in theatre and first associated tarot with acting archetypes. If you draw a couple of cards, you can create a simple story based off of the characters in the scene.

The Knight of Wands blazed forth with passion and flame.
He was noble, courageous, and nothing would stand in his way.
What was he racing towards?
The beautiful maiden, locked high in a tower, with the windows barred by swords.
She swooned, day in and day out, impatiently waiting for her knight to come rescue her.
Could she have taken the swords down herself, gazed at the moon, and watch her lover approach with happiness instead of despair?
Absolutely, but that wouldn't be dramatic enough.

See? It's like a mini-movie in your head!

If we take this concept of the cards as characters, we can create all sorts of stories.
The imagery flows
The ideas peek through the cracks
Words begin to fill the page and, suddenly, a story is much easier to write

Hey, just thinking about it made this article that much easier to write, too!

So here's some inspiration for you; an easy tarot spread:

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