As apart of International Tarot Day, I'm joining a blog hop! We're covering every card in the tarot deck, going over how amazing they are, and more!

What's your card?

The Ten of Cups! So let's get started:

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What is the Ten of Cups?

All the "ten" cards in the tarot signify completion. Not as significant as a Major Arcana card, which goes over life events and major decisions, but still important. The Ten of Cups signifies this as well, but with it's own special twist.

The suit of cups deals with the element of water. It's naturally flowing and graceful. This element also involves our emotions, intuition, and dealings of the heart.

So, if we have completion + emotions/intuition we get major emotional fulfillment.
Your spiritual journey has reached enlightenment.
Your heart is free of negative emotion because you've dealt with the pain and you've grown.
You're happy and lighter from your experience.

Every deck has their own version of the Ten of Cups, all quite gorgeous. Here's what it looks like in each of my tarot decks:

How Can I Achieve the Ten of Cups in My Life?

Reaching emotional and intuitive fulfillment is a journey that can be difficult to take.

What if I'm not worthy of love?
What if I'm not good enough for any of this?
Am I strong enough to even reach emotional fulfillment like this?

How do I even know I'm there?

First off, your life cannot reach it's full potential, you cannot reach your full potential, with heavy emotional burdens. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled and loved and successful. Bottom line.

Reaching that point in the Ten of Cups is easier than you believe. And it's not that hard to look for. It's:

  • A mother, bloody and torn and bruised after birth, hearing her newborn cry for the first time
  • A man silently crying in the subway bathroom because he got a job offer; he won't go hungry anymore
  • A child saying one line in a school play. First nervous and shaking but then smiling so bright the whole room lights up
  • A student leaving their last final of their college career and giving a giant sign of relief

Small moments in the grand scheme of things but they're milestones in each person's life. That's what the Ten of Cups is.

So how can I start moving towards the Ten of Cups in my life?

I created a guide, Living Mindfully, to teach you just how. Inside, you receive easy, everyday exercises for meditation, self-care, and taking each day to live as mindfully and happily as possible. Just download it right here.

Plus, just for the extra special blog hop today, I've created two magical recipes for you:

Sweet Tea recipe
bath soak

I hope you enjoyed this stop on the blog hop!

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