Last night, when I was writing my daily words, my fingers started to write out a message. I cried and laughed and smiled and cringed as the words flowed. I resisted the urge to read this out loud for fear of breaking down.

Listen along, share your thoughts, and stick around for some personal draws for your business + practice afterward.


To view a full script of the message, scroll down to the text under the video.

To the members of my Facebook community.
To the readers who've been with me since the beginning.
To the watchers from my YouTube channel.
To the photo lovers from my Instagram.
To the friends from my neighborhood.
To the free reading seekers from my Tumblr
To the supporters from my Pagan Pride community.
I see you.
To the readers who just started and barely know what they're doing.
To the readers who don't feel like they can do this divination thing
To the psychics who stay up at night, afraid to fall asleep for lest the voices consume their minds again and keep them from dreaming soundly.
To the psychics who wish they could create fire and teleport and fly and create magic out of thin air
To the witches who cast spells in the moonlight because for the first time ever they've found a circle of workers that sing to their soul.
To the students who struggle with carrying their books and tarot decks to class, sneaking in daily draws before the professor arrives.
To the teachers who just started experimenting with their spirituality this year and are afraid of seeing it disappear behind piles of papers to grade.
I see you.
To the techies who are struggling to eat tonight but show up at that theater everyday ready to be "not seen"
To the actors who read runes before their audition, repeating lines through their mind like a leaky faucet, praying that this is their break
To the lighting and costume and props and scene designers who write checks for $1,000,000 and stuff them in their wallets to be cashed at a later date, hoping that Abraham was right about this mindset thing
To the stage managers who have all the Vitamin D, Ibprophen, and sharp pencils you'll ever need who conduct the show better than any God I've ever seen or believed in from a dark booth with names that will never appear in the playbills
To the directors who walk across that empty stage, feeling the heat of the lights, remembering the days when they sang out in empty auditoriums with arching prosceniums dressed in red velvet valences wishing for a shot at the big time...and feel like Mama Morton when she says she was "born too early and started too late"
To the writers who feel like every piece of copy, every play, every book, every line they write is being performed by little mice inside their minds and it drives them mad that they may never see the light of day because it's just not good enough
To the actor who's discovered witchcraft for the first time and realizes that ritual is as close to being in the moment, having that motivation, being Chorus Member #512, standing center stage with that spot light beaming down on them as it ever was
To the child who's memorized Cats the Musical, and every other musical movie and show and book, backwards and forwards and years later can be found dancing the choreography in the kitchen.
I see you.
To the mothers who stay up all night, crying because their newborn refuses to nurse, and are scrolling through newsfeeds on dimly lit phones so they feel like they're still connected to humanity while wounded in ways no one ever told them about before.
To the mothers who are covered nightly in blood and shit and breast milk and tears as they clean up the babies but let themselves be filthy for another hour
To the mothers who are forced by their husbands to sit and eat for five minutes and just let the baby cry
To the fathers who struggle with babies who aren't screaming for them but for mothers who are off working and studying and pulling all nighters to bring in money
To the fathers who miss their families and have to stay out for those all nighters to maybe, one day, get off of food stamps and cut up the WIC card and feel like a man supporting his family for once
To the fathers who sell their Playstations and collectors editions and books and cellos and hair to buy Pampers and Totinos
To the parents who run to work, briefly kissing their children on the forehead before school, half-dropping their messenger bags as they struggle to beat the morning traffic but forgot to meditate today.
To the spouses that wake up two hours before sunrise so they can journal, in the dark, and have some peace and quiet before the eyes of their offspring awaken.
To the couples who practice throwing bones on each other because you're best friends and your families just don't understand.
I see you.
To the Maidens who have no clue where to begin.
To the Mothers who feel like they're go no where fast
To the Crones who feel like the best years are behind them and they're lost in a void within their bodies, hearts, minds, souls, and voices.
I see you.
To the person who's grown so accustomed to stress permeating through their body that the phrase "let it go" or "relax" strikes a angering chord within them and you're luck they don't punch you in the face right now.
To the person who's a guru at paying their bills on time but feels guilty as fuck for buying a nice shirt or pants because it's 'too much money' at $45 a pair.
To the person who's forgotten what it's like to live without money stress or worrying about if their children/spouse/pets/coworkers/friends are okay.
To the person who can't relax and enjoy the moment because they can see when the other person or psychic or actor or techie misses their cue or drops the prop or phrases the channeling in way that makes them feel like"maybe none of us are authentic or real or 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'"
To the person who works seven days a week at three different jobs because they're chasing dreams from elementary school that their parents tell them will never happen
To the people who are like other people and are too afraid to look the cashier in the eye or when someone holds the door open and feel like the world is judging them from the inside out without realizing that every person who cross on the sidewalk or pass in your 1994 Gold Cadillac DeVille is thinking the exact same thing
I see you.
To the business owner who struggles with getting started because they're afraid of the long, sleepless nights working on a useless website that's still not quite right.
To the business owner who wishes there were more hours in the day so they could laugh and smile and relax without their phone buzzing from another disaster in their own communities.
To the business owner who's been doing this for awhile but has hit a glass ceiling because they're too afraid to ask for help.
To the business owner who watches their words in masterminds and masterclasses and communities and groups and chats with their fellow business owners for lest they drop a negative energy bomb in the middle of their high-flying-vibe-kite and brings on them the death of a thousand manifestations because they had a moment of doubt
To the business owner who makes money jars to endlessly shake and improvs spells to release control from their goals (while being specific but not too specific because the Universe doesn't like that kind of thing)
To the business owner who does their quarterly taxes and taps away the stress and anger and resistence so that a million dollars has no issue rolling in some day
To the business owner who goes to the shitty 9-5 because that's what "normal" people do when their souls are meant to heal the world and they shake their fists and beat their chests at the frustration of having to tell another customer "No I can't do that, it's aganist company policy" when in reality they know they damn well could do it but if they do they'll lose their financial stability and that endless stream of "stable" cash will dry up
To the business owner who fills up ten journals a year with affirmations and meditations and scrying insights and chakra sketches and biosen scan notes because they realized that the more they work on themselves the more their business improves
To the business owner feels their freebie isn't educating enough
To the business owner who packs all of their knowledge into small offers that barely pay the mortgage in an effort to bring in some kind of support but never hear a single "cha-ching" from their phone
To the business owner who's stuck in a debt rut and feels like they're never going to make $100, let alone millions, this year in revenue
To the business owner who feels this way because every other coach and reader and candle maker out there looks like they are and says they are and feels like they are more experienced than they are right now and they'll reach that level so why do they bother
To the business owners who stick with 'word of mouth' because technology has jumped too far ahead of them to understand fast enough.
To the business owners who've had it up to here with those bullshit double and triple and quadruple digits from the Universe when picking up the phone or sending an email or telling someone straight to their face "you're fucking up" or "you're great, champ" is a much more straightforward way of giving confirmation for if they're doing this business thing right
I see you.
I see you.
I was you.
I am you.
And I'll most likely be you.
You're ravishing.
You're valid.
You're supported.
You're loved.
So come into my home.
Walk into my circle.
Sit down in my kitchen.
I have a cup of tea, a warm slice of pie, and a warm fleece blanket calling your name.
Let's talk about your fears.
Let's cry out the trauma
Let's celebrate your successes and failures.
Let's level up our lives together.
Because I can see those "cha-chings" coming in
I can feel the joy from your soul when you book your first client
I can sense the stress oozing from your flesh when you income doubles then triples and more
I can taste the anticipation for your first fair and your first webinar and your first talk
I can hear the words of all your adoring fans and clients and customers and souls you've helped pass on the next world, where ever that may be
I can believe in you and me, even if you don't believe in me or you, and I do.
You are a beacon of light
You are light workers
You are energy
You are healers
You are no longer wounded
You are no longer searching for an answer because you are the answer
You are on the right path
You have all the doors open
You have all of the hands extended out to you
You have all of the invitations ready to be RSVPed
You have everything ready for you if you would just take the first damn step
I hear you.
I support you.
I push you.
I coach you.
I mentor you.
I entertain you.
I serve you.
I create for you.
I channel for you.
I heal you.
I love you.
I see you.

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