Are you ready to face your demons?


Majority of Americans ignore self-care and introspection – who wants to face their inner demons when you must put food on the table and make money?

Problem: you’ve been taking too many risks with your emotional self… and it’s about to come to a head

On April 29th, we enter a Full moon in Scorpio. Scorpio, being the badass rule-breaker as it is, forces us into a major period of introspection. Our demons come to light (whether we like it or not) and the zodiac proceeds o laugh in our face.


If that’s not enough we enter THREE retrogrades.

 Retrograde periods occur when the planets in our solar system appear to be moving in reverse. They aren’t, but from our perspective, things seem to be working in a moon-walk sequence.


Each planet goes into a retrograde depending on its own cycle. Mercury gets the WORST rap, normally going through their reverse cycle four times a year for 21 days each.

Insane, right?

Well, Mercury is out of the doghouse on this one – it goes direct, and leaves retrograde on April 15th.


So, which three planets are doing the backward dance?

Jupiter, which has been in this state since early March.

Pluto, which will start on April 22nd.

Saturn, which will start on April 17th.


Let me break this down for you…

🌟 Jupiter (or Zeus, if you follow the Greeks) is all about law, order, studies, travel, and expansion. Where you’d normally look out during its cycle, a Jupiter retrograde turns your attention inward.

🌟 Saturn (or Cronus, father of Zeus), is the keeper of time and limits. Yet with a retrograde, this energy turns more childish and temperamental. The urge to stand up to a cop, right after being pulled over, may spring up. Or an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty.

🌟 Pluto (or Hades) is about death and renewal. The cycle of life is never-ending, and this planet emphasizes that energy through transcendence and magnetic intensity.


Imagine Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus, meditating and doing chakra work for 121 days. Things will get intense, right?

Then Cronus sits down to zen out for this 138-day hissy fit.

Now, let’s add Hades to the meditation circle. A god who is already calm and collected that goes further into introspection for half a year.


That energy just MAGNIFIED by a crap ton. And you’re going to feel it in a BIG way.


With all this internal energy happening, we enter a Full Moon in Scorpio…

The moon already rules our second house, astrologically, and governs our emotions. Full Moons just magnify that power so all our thoughts, goals, and dreams manifest in double time.

Scorpio is big on emotional endurance and shadow work (or pulling the nasty part of yourself that hangs in the back at parties FRONT AND CENTER to the dance floor).


Let me get this straight…

We’re in a lunar sign that pulls the bitchy/dickish side of myself out for everyone to see, gives it a megaphone, pokes fun until it throws a temper tantrum, and then causes an existential crisis so it spills all its emotional secrets for the world to see?

That sounds more-than-slightly terrifying!


It can be if you don’t know how to handle it. Here are some EASY, EVERYDAY ways to handle each retrograde period:



Pat yourself on the back because you’ve been dealing with this planet since March 8th! Go you!

Here are some other ways to effectively maintain your energy:

✨ People may back out of plans you’ve made, especially with travel. Double and triple check that everyone is still on broad for your trips and projects.

✨ There may be delays in transportation – make your way to the bus OR head to work earlier than usual. You’ll thank yourself later for beating traffic

✨ Planning on leaving the country? Try to postpone your plans until after July 10th. If you can’t, make sure EVERYTHING is in good order, especially your passport and visa. No one wants a long wait at customs.



✨ PLEASE don’t argue with that cop…or lawyer…or your boss. I know they suck, but it’ll bite you in the butt during this period.

✨ First impressions mean more, so put your best foot forward! Make sure you’re extra prepared for interviews and looking sharp on first dates.

✨ If you do end up in an argument or fight, be prepared for the extra emotional punch it’ll pack. Your emotional side will be more tender, so watch your words and actions carefully.



✨ Remember that endings will make way for new beginnings. It’s okay to be upset that your relationship is over, just don’t lose sight of the next awesome person around the corner.

✨ Learning from your mistakes, no matter the size is crucial. The more often a problem repeats itself, the more aggravation you’ll feel. Breathe, realignment, and move on.

✨ Feeling anxious? It’s okay! You’ll have moments of confusion and uncertainty. Just remember that this feeling is temporary, and you’ll get through.


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