When I first started reading tarot, I didn't know what the hell I was doing.


I got a deck from my roommate, the Enchanted World Tarot, and just was dumbstruck.

What does all this crap mean?
There's a meditation DVD and book?! But how do I meditate the right way?
Why are there swords stabbing this man?!

I didn't understand the cards at ALL. But once I started reading intuitively - using my mind to read tarot and NOT a guidebook - all the meanings and insights started flooding in.

Now that I'm a master tarot reader, I've created a quick start guide for others to read with their instincts - not Google!

Interview Your Deck

Have you ever met someone who's vibe was completely different from yours? You misunderstand each other, aren't interested in the same things, and sitting together for five minutes feels like a chore.

When I first got my deck, the Enchanted World Tarot, I didn't understand it.
The imagery was Renaissance meets geometry.
The colors were happy go lucky, something that didn't fit with my personality at all.

The issue was I didn't understand the language of my deck. Once I created a spread, start down, and interviewed my deck doing a reading was MUCH easier. Every single deck I've owned since that fateful day in 2014 has been interviewed and I use on a regular basis.

Not only do you understand the language and tone of the deck more but interviewing it allows your intuition to enter the conversation. You're reading with your emotions and instinct, not a guide.

Sit down and interview your deck after you get it. Admire the artwork, read the author's notes, and have a conversation with your new pal.

Your cards are going to know every bit of your personal life and emotions - don't you think a proper introduction is needed?

Tell a Story

I've seen many first-time tarot readers have issues with connecting the cards together. There are so many individual meanings for the imagery, and so much background research as to what each symbol means going on, that it makes putting even two cards together difficult to understand.

What they're missing: tarot cards are based on everyday images and stereotypes that we know, love, and despise. They're modeled after the people we know, the places we've been, and the emotions we have.

Instead of trying to memorize hundreds of card definitions from Google and your deck's guide, try telling a story from your life instead.

The Eight of Cups is turning away and walking. When did you last walk away from something purely because the emotions you had were too strong?
The Six of Pentacles is giving coins to the homeless and children. When was the last time you gave without wanting anything in return?
The Five of Wands has people fighting and arguing. How often do you do this at work?

Take moments from your life and see them in the cards. Then piece the events together:
You walked away from a job because your ex was working there. You got hired and decided to give part of your check to a homeless guy outside Wal-Mart. Because you gave, you were late for work and got into an argument with a couple of co-workers.

See how it flows so much easier? Now you try it!

Journal Your Meanings

Let's say you wake up, stretch, meditate, and then do your daily draw. The meanings come to you super easy - because you're relating them to your actual life - and then you start your day.

The kids start screaming about having PB&J for lunch again...
Your partner complains about their boss being an ass hat for the fifteenth time...
You lost your car keys and blew a tire...
Your schedule got jammed with five more meetings with NO time for lunch...

By the time 6 o' clock rolls around, you don't remember ANYTHING about your morning draw. Crap!

Part of listening to your gut is recognizing your mental patterns. You can't effectively do that if you can't even remember where your shoes are by the end of the day.

The solution? Write everything down! Having a tarot journal is a fantastic way of remembering what your intuition said this morning AND going over your problem spots with the tarot cards.

Drive Away Your Self-Doubt

Ever feel like you're bothering people with all your questions in tarot groups?
You post for the fifth time this week that you don't understand what your cards are saying and all the senior members jump down your throat.

If you don't understand, why don't you throw away your deck?
You're not a 
real reader anyway - my family's been doing this for generations!
I wish you'd just look up the answer yourself instead of bothering us!

Bull. Shit.
You are valid as a reader, no matter your experience level. Tarot reading, especially with your intuition, is all about using your experiences to find meaning in the cards. Collaborating with others and asking questions IMPROVES your practice - it doesn't make you a burden.

So don't compare yourself to Miss Betty in the corner who's been doing this for eons and has thirty years of experience behind her. You're just as capable at understanding your cards as she is.

Been doing this for years and just feel stuck? That's okay! It doesn't mean you're a horrible reader; it's time to revamp your practice, fall in love with the cards again, and finally create your own unique style.

Are you ready to tap into your intuition?

Join me for an intuitive reading challenge!

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