One day, back in my years of college-hood, I was waiting for a show to start.

We were running a production of the Snow Queen where I played various roles, from an old witch with a birdcage (literally) in her hair to a castle guard.

It was the intermission and I sat on a dark stage waiting out my ten minutes of peace. The rest of the cast had retreated back to the green room, the audience was bustling about on the other side of the curtain, and I was sitting on a rehearsal block meditating. It was a peaceful place for me; the energy of being on stage matches the sensation of power spellwork.

Suddenly, the curtain started rippling.

I looked up to the valence hanging 50 feet above me and saw a sight - a purple and blue mermaid was swimming through the air. The curtain rippled like water and she glided effortlessly above my head.

I was ecstatic. I found my spirit guide!

As we’re elemental and energetic beings of this world, there are other energetic beings that exist. A spirit guide is one of these beings, usually in an ethereal form, that acts as a protector or mentor to living beings. They can be passed on spirits, such as family members, or animals. They must be in a disincarnate form, though.

Majority of humans experiences “signs” as messages from their guides. However, if your Crown is open and you state that you’re ready, your guide will communicate more directly.

As psychics, we can communicate with our guides through our clair-abiltiies, meditation, and divination. The method of communication will change depending on your guide.

It is possible to have more than one guide; as you change and evolve throughout your life, you may gain or change protectors. From ascended masters to guardian angels or common teachers, spirit guides are the best friend you've always had and never knew it.

My guide turned out to be an elemental water spirit named after a childhood book of mine. Being as I was in my natural psychic and energetic element on stage, my strongest element was in water. She came to aid me in my spiritual journey and magical workings, resulting in a particularly electric night of theatre.

This month, I'll be specifically delving into how to communicate with all kinds of spirit guides and ethereal beings. We'll discover how using a guide can boost your psychic abilities and how your tarot practice will expand using one. Check out last week's live stream in the Crone's Magic Corner group to find out how:

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