One step that trips up newcomers to magic is the idea of visualization.

We're alive at a time when imagination is suppressed and looked down on. We lose the ability to imagine when we're young, making it difficult to find it again later.

Imagination and visualization are key for any kind of spellwork and magical practice, even for everyday life. It's incredibly easy to get back into, even if it's been years since you have, with a few tried and true methods of mine:



Proper and practiced visualization can make energy manipulation, spell work, and magic in general much easier for you.

Its funny though: you use visialization every day.

Has someone ever asked you during a job interview "Where do you see yourself in five years"? They want you to visualize yourself in the future and tell them what you see.

This is one of the first, and easiest, ways to strengthen this skill. Think of where you want to be later in life.

Do you want a large house?

A family?

A steady job?

The ability to vacation in Sicily twice a year?

Think, imagine, and visualize it!

If that's all I have to do, why aren't I there yet?

Here's a question you need to think about: do you believe you can have what you want? Do you honestly believe you of all people can have that dream life?

If your answer's no, that's why this technique isn't working.

You need to not only visualize and put in the effort to obtain your goals but you need to believe in yourself. If you think you're worthless, no technique is going to help. Despite that you're not worthless.

So here's two, incredibly easy steps you can do right now:


I didn't originally learn visualization this way, although it certainly helped. As a trained actor, there's a focus exercise that was used before shows as a way to get rid of the negative energy we've been carrying around all day and connect with others in the production.

We'd stand in a circle, facing each other, and start brushing the negative energy off. Brush it off ourselves, off the people next to us. And then on the count of three, doing this once or twice, we'd "zap" the energy away.

Once that was done, we'd all rub our hands together. We'd think of everything we wanted to accomplish that night for the show, saying ti quietly out loud to ourselves.

We imagined the energy we were forming between our hands as a specific color. The color was growing brighter and brighter as we stated our intentions

Then, all at once, we'd open our hands and share that energy with the rest of the circle while making eye contact with one another.

Say out loud what you want to be as what you already are.

For example: instead of "I want to buy a home" say "I have a home that is all mine with no strings attached".

Instead of "I wish I had the body I want" say "I am radiant from toe to hair follicle and nothing or no one can ever say otherwise".

State what you want to be as what you already are. Believe you've already attained that goal. The universe, your spirit, and your energy then will draw that goal towards you as you work towards it.


View in your mind's eye what you want or what you're doing.

What's the difference between visualizing and imagining?

When you imagine, you're just picturing what you want. When you visualize, you're actually putting yourself in that situation.

It's one thing to say "I have a dream house" but another to say "I have a dream house, I can see myself living in it, and it's amazing".

Imagination is a stepping stone to start visualizing.

If you're removing the negative energy from your body, in the shower for example, see the negativity wash off of you and down the drain.

Imagine it's color; is it thick like oil paint? Or thin like watery soup?

By first imagining what you're doing, you're training your third eye. You're telling it, "Hey, I'm more receptive to my intuition now. I want to see what my actions are doing".

After a few sessions of doing this, sometimes even after a few minutes, you won't be imagining anymore. You'll be visualizing.

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