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🙁 You bust your buns at the 9-5 every day, get dinner on the table, and have ZERO time for your divination practice OR business...

😦 You feel constantly overwhelmed by how much technology and structure you have to learn just to make ends meet as an entrepreneur; can't we all just RELAX?!

☹️ You've taken life by the reigns...but living that 24/7 hustle is DRAINING and leaving you in mega BURNOUT

😩 You've always wanted to make 5+ figure months in your business (even if you're super new at running it) but never find the RIGHT opportunity to meet with other biz babes OR let all of your hard work bring the right clients to YOU



Dozens of my students were suffering from intense burnout with ZERO support from coaches, family, or friends when they met me.

Hell, I've been there MYSELF!

I thought that having an online psychic business that required little-to-no-work from me was a pipe dream.

I saw all of these awesome intuitive biz babes on the internet creating AMAZING content and selling out their programs...but nothing ever worked for me.

It wasn't until I dug down deep - and totally reached that "I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT" place - and got back to basics did I realize how easy healing the world, living my dream life, and creating consistent income each month could be!



To meet with this monstrous cry for help, and open up to teaching MORE students how to feel powerful as psychics + run an amazing business without hassle, I'm inviting you to a special one-of-a-kind opportunity...


The Crone Academy is officially opening up to the public it's first selection of programs for the 2019 school year!

"The Crone Academy is EPIC!!!"

Everything I was curious about is right here at my fingertips.

Rachel is an excellent teacher. She’s really knowledgeable, great at explaining things, and always has time to answer questions. I’ve learned more about myself in one month in the Academy than I did from a year of therapy! What’s even more amazing is this is only the beginning; Rachel is adding videos ALL THE TIME! - Michelle

Coming from many years of learning and working with tarot, I still found new INSPIRATION and ways of doing new things to learn and discover the cards when I found the Crone Academy. There are new ways of looking at the cards as well as finding ways of getting to know my own psychic abilities and how to develop them more. In the psychic area, I have found a lot more CONFIDENCE in myself and understanding of where my strengths lie.

So, for those of you who are looking for a place to learn and find a friendly place, this is it. A wonderful teacher as well as members of the Academy who are willing to share and learn together with you, no matter how new or advanced you are on your path! - Anna

where do i fit

"Nowhere else in any magickal training or classes have I felt so cared for and so confident in my abilities."

I re-entered the magickal world less than two years ago, and a lot of the classes I took to help advance my learning had me coming away with more questions than answers and not much in terms of self-confidence; they kept comparing my responses to the traditional meanings.

My first introduction to Rachel's teaching style was when she began the Fool's Intuitive Journey workshop. I was intrigued by the live-streams and workbooks and impressed by her command of tarot knowledge. Not only was there an abundance of information, but Rachel strongly ENCOURAGED participants to make their own connections and, rather than memorize traditional meanings and keywords, use their intuitive skills to relate to the deck.


I spent a few more months in the general group before purchasing the Intuitive Tarot course. When the memberships for the Crone Academy all access pass came out a few months later, I knew I had to make the commitment and I haven't had a moment of regret since. Rachel cares about the learning of all students and encourages unity and support among us.

We recently completed the 5-week elemental challenge with Rachel, where there was a weekly check-in and live streams to help clarify the specific tasks for each week. I know I can reach out if there are questions or issues I have. - Kimberly

The Crone Academy is for you if...

✨ You feel there's more to this psychic-thing than just meditating for five hours in an uncomfortable position or shouting out random names in an auditorium full of skeptics. You understand that your energy and way of reading tarot, palms, pendulums, and even bones is unique. It's special. That means that the way you use divination can be enhanced through study and practice. Not by random chance.

✨ You know that investing in a mentor, program, and community is key to expanding your practice. Your days of grabbing the free podcasts, ebooks, and workshops are in the past - the REAL value lies in the school where all that juicy information comes from. And that excites you to no end!

✨ You're done using the same old excuses. You're ready to make time for studying your abilities and make yourself happy. Your intuition knows that by setting aside the time to work on yourself, everything else around you (from work to family to money) will grow and improve!


The Crone Academy is NOT for you if...

🔥 You think that pulling out the cards, picking one at random, and making up what you think sounds "real" or "woo woo" is how to be a real psychic. If you're down with manipulating clients for the fun of it, walk away now...

🔥 You're willing to spend money every month on another five tarot decks, the latest coffee from popular food chains, or another crystal that's going to gather dust on a shelf... but not your spiritual education and betterment. "I don't have the money/time/energy" is your catchphrase.

🔥 You're not down with the idea of researching different cultures, writing journal entries on a regular basis, or being open-minded about others' intuitive practices - it's your way or the highway!

The Facebook groups for the 2019 Crone Academy Maidens, Mothers, and Crones programs are mandatory to access the content as well as the www.croneacademy.com membership portal.


By submitting payment, you agree to our terms and conditions that refunds or cancellations are not possible due to the nature of the digital content. Once in the 2019 Summer Crone Academy semester www.cronecademy.com, you will have access to private, confidential insider, and trade secret information. All sales are final.


If you are 3 or more calendar days late on your payment plan, you will be temporarily removed from the course until your account is in good standing. This means removal from the Group, Member's Portal, and Community Grimoire.

If you are 7 or more calendar days late on your payment plan, you will be temporarily removed from the course until the full remaining balance of your account is paid, or the sum of all uncollected payments due at once to put your account back into good standing. This means removal from the Group, Member's Portal, and Community Grimoire.

If the final payment is not paid within 10 days of its due date and no prior arrangement has been made, you will be removed from the course and all free groups hosted online by Rachel, banned from future programs, and no refunds will be given.

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