Last week I introduced you guys to candle magic and it's basics. Now, I want to introduce you to a wonderful lady who's taken candle magic, what you can do with it, and what it means to her to a whole new level.

éan, a magic-infused candle shop on Etsy, has been making and delivering their candles since 2014.

Using what I stated above, Maggie uses phthalate-free essential oil fragrances and intent to give her GMO-free soy candles an extra magical boost.

Not only is her product 100% Vegan-friendly, Maggie comes up with some incredibly delightful scent combinations. I could drown in a honeymilk and sugar candle right about now. Or take a bath while surrounded with fifty-or-so black tea tobacco candles. So amazing.

éan is also the source for cheap, authentic crystals, ESPECIALLY for the broke witchling. I mean $4 for a beautifully cut moonstone crystal is an amazing bargain, especially when genuine crystals are so hard to come by in brick-and-mortar stores.

When I asked Maggie about how she got started with magic and her store, this is what she said:


Photos by éan

I turned to magic at the same time I believe most do: in a time of crisis. I had just hit my year mark of living in Los Angeles and felt I had nothing to show for it, I went through a traumatic break-up, and my parents divorced after almost 25 years of marriage within a four week time span. My day job wasn’t too fulfilling and my social life was lackluster, to say at the least. I had hit a bottom of sorts.

I felt isolated and powerless and was searching for some sort of reflective practice to help me process everything. I happened across a local metaphysical shop and before I knew it, I was hooked. I bought a candle for anything and everything and saw tangible results with my work. I decided that I had to share this amazing form of magic with the world, and to do that, I decided to start my own candle company.

I chose the name éan for my company, which means “bird” in Celtic. Each of my original intention candles was inspired by a bird of Celtic folklore. For example, my pink candle for love intentions is inspired by the story of a Celtic prince, Aengus. The tale of Aengus and his swan bride Caer is one of the most told of Celtic lore. After years of searching for her, Aengus was able to pick her out while she was in swan form amidst hundreds of other swans. What is more romantic than finding a lost love and spending eternity with them?

Photo by éan


I scent this candle with essential oils like jasmine, rose, and ginger, all of which have magical correspondences of love, romance, and sex. I also use phthalate-free fragrances, because simply scenting my candles with essential oils would make them INCREDIBLY expensive!

As I make my candles, I also take daily magical correspondences into account. For example, I always make Aengus candles on a Friday, the day of Venus. I also put a crystal point that corresponds with each specific candle at the bottom, so as you burn your intention candle, the crystal is charged, aiding any magical work you may be doing. A small Rose Quartz piece sits at the bottom of every Aengus candle, ready to help your romantic workings.

I put a great deal of energy into every set of candles I make. I sage my kitchen before melting the wax and set my intention, whether it be to infuse creativity into the Garan candle, help unblock roads and obstacles with the Labhairt candle, or to promote self-love with the Guth candle. As my shop tagline suggests, each and every candle that I create is infused with magic.

I squealed for a good half hour when I found out about the crystals inside Maggie's candles; I've never thought of doing that before!

The fact that she puts so much love and thought into craft, especially when it comes to making her candles, it's absolutely refreshing. I love shops that run like this.

If you want to support éan, check out the shop storefront here.

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