Who here is a fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Series?

For those that don’t know the show, it tells the tale of four nations based off the elements of our world. One person, the Avatar, is strong enough to contain all four elements - fire, earth, water, and air - within their body and bring peace to the world.

I remember my wee-days of teenagehood and watching the premiere on Nickelodeon. A fascination quickly grew to obsession; I’d do martial arts with the characters though the intro, memorize the lines, and admire the story to a tee.

The very Season 1 finale brought the main character, Aang the Avatar, to a guru. He quested to master the Avatar State and master his most powerful form. This guru taught him of chakra work and clearing out all of his energy blocks.

Never having heard of chakras before, I remember sitting and meditating along with Aang...
✨My own doubts, fears, and shame “flowed down the creek”
✨Grief and lies that I told myself were washed away
✨Illusions about who I was as a high schooler, daughter, and sister were lifted

And then...Aang stopped.

When they reached the Crown, he couldn’t let go of his earthly attachments.

And it pissed. Me. OFF.

🔥I wanted alignment damn it!
🔥I wanted to be one with my energy!
🔥I wanted to let go of my attachments and be one with my higher self!

So I thought “Screw you, Aang. I’ll do it by myself!”

I traveled to Kyoto, Japan and Beijing, China to master my inner peace. Tai Chi in the Forbidden City, tea ceremonies and pearls next door to the Dragon Lady’s Marble Boat, and meditation in the local lamasteries helped me understand the chakras to their full extent.

I don’t mean sitting for five hours, cross-legged, “omming”, and having an empty mind. Sit and recognize your breath for a few seconds. Let what thoughts come to you pass by.

Boom! You’ve meditated. And you’ve realigned all your chakras in the process.

In the beginning, meditation was a BITCH for me. If meditation is your weak point, like it was for me, then do what I did...

I drew a handy-dandy chakra board in a notebook and used it to realign myself. As my pendulum swung and circled, my energy cleared.


If you notice, each chakra point on your body (all 400+ of them) corresponds to a color.

If you need to work on your throat, wear blue! Eat naturally blue things! Burn blue incense and wear blue crystals! EMBRACE THE BLUE!!

For those that have a tyrannical toddler or run around meeting clients all day (like me), this is an easy everyday way to keep in alignment.

Chakras, are they’re based on the energy centers of your body, work beautifully with Reiki work!

Every time I meet with a client, I’ll pull a card for each main chakra and see what’s blocking them. That way they have an in-depth treatment BUT they walk away knowing easy ways to keep the energy going.

Isn’t that awesome?

Check out the video below to know why the chakras are important to your natural energy flow and taking back your personal power.

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