Rachel Erazo

She's an intuitive divination and psychic biz coach that ADORES leading students to massive breakthroughs in their reading practice + magical business. Rachel empowers beginning and advanced psychic readers - from Maiden to Crone - through intuitive courses and workshops.

She's also a full-fledged cottage witch and High Priestess that's obsessed with tea, Stardew Valley, candles, and baby kisses.

Rachel's priority and purpose in life is to empower READERS, MAKERS, HEALERS, AND TEACHERS, from beginning to advanced, to live their best live + business. She spends her days helping 500+ spiritual workers and over 30+ Crone Academy students to improve their divination craft and hone their skills.

She knows what it's like to look at a deck and have no clue where to start with reading. Rachel has jumped through the hoops, done the heavy work, and makes it her mission to teach intuitive tarot reading in FUN and EASY ways.

Rachel knows there are others out there, people like YOU, who are ready to take their tarot reading practice to the next level. She wants to help you create your own unique way of reading the cards, recognizing the symbols, and giving out-of-this-world tarot readings.
If you're a reader who's been studying tarot for 40+ years and has lost the passion OR just got your first deck and have no clue where to start...

Rachel wants to work with you to get past those blocks and start becoming the powerful, perceptive reader she knows you are.


You're At Your Breaking Point, Right?


✨ You feel there's more to this psychic-thing than just meditating for five hours in an uncomfortable position or shouting out random names in an auditorium full of skeptics. 

✨ The way you use divination can be enhanced through study and practice. Not by pulling random cards and making up meanings.

✨ You're sick of grabbing the free podcasts, ebooks, and workshops that SAY you'll read intuitively by the end but never do

✨ You're done using the same old excuses: You're ready to make time for studying your abilities and make yourself happy.



But Something's Stopping You...


There's a vision of the kind of reader you want to be in your mind. This person...

😀Knows the energy in their body so well that the voice of their ego and their intuition are distinctly different

😃Knows their psychic triggers and can tune into their inner guidance in a snap

😄Wakes up in the morning at one with their psychic sense, takes care of their health, and has the vibe of a leader

😁Knows that reading tarot, palms, pendulums, and all other kinds of divination is a calling to them

But that fear of whether you're worthy enough to be a fantastic tarot reader sets in. That worry of interpreting the cards wrong paralyzes you. The thought of investing in your spiritual or psychic practice sends you running for the hills.

So you tell yourself that staying home, staring at the computer, and taking the "easy" route to unlock your intuition will make you happy.

I've got a harsh news flash for you...


😐That tenth, fiftieth, or hundredth deck isn't going to give you easier answers.

😥Searching Google for hours at a time for guidance isn't the right teacher for you.

😓Attending free workshops, which are meant to help you START your divination journey, will continue to frustrate you unless you invest the time, energy, and money in yourself



Honestly, I've totally been where you are. I've been through it ALL!

A toxic parent that was emotionally and physically abusive...

Multiple manipulative relationships, laying next to men that I knew didn’t love or want me...

Living with no food in the cabinets and -$200 in the bank...

Left abandoned by family, people who had loved me for years, just because I wanted to be happy...

I've gone through a lot, but in turn, created my own support system. I finished my degree in Theatre and American Sign Language, got married, and has a beautiful family. I've created incredible programs to teach others how to learn divination the easy way and start 5+ figure businesses (even when they're brand new and have ZERO idea where to start).


What you want in a coach is someone who's been in the same boat as you. You don't want a robot telling you to memorize meanings - you want a personable, patient, heartfelt mentor who can make the swords and wands make sense. I know I sure as hell did!

Having done thousands of paid + professional readings, as well as empathic and psychic coaching, I'm more than qualified to teach you how to read put down those keywords and manifest that work-in-your-PJs life you desire!