We are our own worst critics.

We constantly compare ourselves to others.
We hide the negative things we feel about ourselves so that we seem perfect to the world around us.

However, the parts of ourselves that we choose to ignore often are our downfall in relationships, at work, and when trying to accomplish our goals.

Shadow Work fixes this issue.

Shadow Work is all about uncovering your "shadow side"; the part of yourself that houses your negative traits. It could be prideful, insecure, lying, etc.

The purpose of uncovering this part of yourself isn't to show how horrible you are as a person, it's to shows what parts of yourself need to be changed or accepted.

Perhaps you cheated on a partner. You bury that part of you away because of shame and disappointment. By uncovering what you did, you realize the kind of relationship you want need to be flexible and follow along with your want of change.

Shadow Work is difficult for some, but for the wrong reasons:

Shadow Work is "Scary"

I can't do Shadow Work on my own.
It's too hard.
I don't like thinking about what's wrong with myself.

Have you ever said something mean about another person?
How about created a lie just to see someone be made fun of or punished?

This is an external version of Shadow Work. You're taking the negative about another person, talking about it, and exposing it to other people.

This usually happens because of jealousy or another ulterior motive. But it's Shadow Work just the same.

It's one thing to talk about someone else's faults but quite another to turn that same negative light on yourself. For some people they feel uncomfortable and exposed.

Good! That's the point of this type of tarot work - you need to expose the nasty parts of yourself. Even when it shows how you hurt other people.

Everyone's the "Good Guy"

If your'e apart of a car crash, your first instinct is to blame the other driver.
The other driver's first instinct is to blame you.
To each other, you're the villains in the other person's story.

We are not always the protagonist. Our decisions influence others around us, that's why the results of tarot readings can change even if you don't do anything different.

Think of a moment in your life where you felt wronged. Now flip it and see things from the other person's point of view; how do you imagine they felt?

Shadow Work can be so much easier when you take a third-point perspective like this.
When you see things as a protagonist vs. antagonist situation, like a movie or play, you're able to see the negative and positive traits of each "character" and how they can change them.

Because not every person on the planet is 100% innocent and good. We all have a shadow side.

If You Pull a "Scary Card", You're a Horrible Person

We've gone through the scary cards of tarot before and what they REALLY mean in a reading.

The same concept applies to Shadow Work but with the Minor Arcana - if you pull a Three or Nine of Swords then you're automatically screwed,

When cards like these are pulled in a Shadow Work reading, it's best to see that card as a scene of your life.
Do you have moments where you swooned and "oh, woe is me" because of something small?
Do you have moments where you focused on the negative of a situation instead of all the good happening?
Do you have moments where you felt you'd fall to pieces because someone betrayed you?

This is why Shadow Work is so wonderful; it allows you to find those moments of hurt and see how they've changed your personality.
You're able to work on these moments, especially if it dealt with a toxic relationship or other pain.

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