One deck is the original Rider-Waite-Smith system but this other one is based on Voodoo and Hoodoo?

But Google has each version of the Devil the same way, even though it looks TOTALLY different?

How am I supposed to read these decks in the same way?!

If you break it down, there's an incredibly simple way to go along with the Fool's journey in tarot, even if the deck you're using isn't in a popular system.

Not only that, but you learn so much more from a deck just by sitting down, recognizing the differences, and digging deep into the decks themselves.

Shadow Work is all about uncovering your "shadow side"; the part of yourself that houses your negative traits. It could be prideful, insecure, lying, etc.

The purpose of uncovering this part of yourself isn't to show how horrible you are as a person, it's to shows what parts of yourself need to be changed or accepted.

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What does all this crap mean?
There's a meditation DVD and book?! But how do I meditate the right way?
Why are there swords stabbing this man?!

I didn't understand the cards at ALL. But once I started reading intuitively - using my mind to read tarot and NOT a guidebook - all the meanings and insights started flooding in. Now that I'm a master tarot reader, I've created a quick start guide for others to read tarot with their instincts, not Google!


In a tarot reading, paying attention to symbolism matters. Whether it's the symbols themselves in a card or the placement of a character's body, a minute thing can change the meaning entirely.

Today, I'm interested in a more specific symbolism of the cards - the clothing.

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