Are you tired of memorizing tarot card meanings?

When I first started learning tarot, it was a little overwhelming.

Okay, maybe that’s an understatement. It was REALLY HARD.

I mean, I had the little white book of 78-card meanings that comes with each deck but even they were conflicting. How’s a person to know the correct meanings when each guidebook is so different?!

And I felt like I had to memorize every card forwards and backwards, upside down and right side up (literally) before I could just jump in and read the cards!

It sucked because I just wanted to start reading right away without having to study for years…

I got a deck from my roommate, the Enchanted World Tarot, and just was dumbstruck. This is definitely not your starter deck… but I didn’t know that at the time.

I was drawn in by the pretty pictures and symbols but found myself wondering…

What do these symbols mean?
There’s a meditation DVD and book?!
But how do I meditate the right way?
And why are there swords stabbing this man?!

AHHHH! I had enough. I put the cards down and I started researching, looking around for the best ways to memorize the tarot and maybe even (maybe one day) read them intuitively.

I heard of a reading method calling Intuitive Reading, and I felt something inside of myself drawn to that.

Could it really be so simple? 

Can reading cards with no prior experience or training really be that fun and easy?

I started my intuitive reading practice with journaling.

The rules were simple: Every day when I did my daily draw, I was to first look at the card and find the meaning on my own. Only after I did that could I look up the answer.

Sounds easy enough.

So, I pulled out my deck, sat down, drew a card, and stared at it.

And stared.
And stared…
And stared….

Finally, the insights started pouring in. I began to develop my own system; my own way to journal, my own way to pick apart the symbols of the cards, and my own method of learning tarot.

And now I want to teach you how to unlock your intuition and learn to read tarot in FUN and EASY ways.

Here’s what you get! With me as your guide, you’ll learn how to:
✨Interview and Get to Know Your Deck in Fun and Easy Ways
✨Differentiate Between Tarot and Oracle Cards
✨Create and Use a Tarot Journal in Simple Ways
✨Recognize Familiar Symbols in Tarot
✨Create Easy Spreads Without a Ton of Cards
✨Ask the Right Questions During a Reading
✨and more!

And if you take advantage of this introductory offer, you’ll also receive these fabulous bonuses:
✨The Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Ebook
✨Complete Set of Tarot Journal Keyword, Daily, and Spread Inserts
✨Awaken Your Intuition Meditation
✨A List of Tarot Myths Completely Busted
✨Lifetime Access to the Start Reading Tarot Intuitively Course Facebook

And you’ll never miss out on any of our future workshops, series, and challenges because with your lifetime access payment of just $197, you’ll secure all past and future content that I release in the Tarot and Tea Facebook group!


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Module 1 – Getting to Know Your Tarot Deck is Fun

Module 2 – The Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards

Module 3 – A Simple Way to Create a Tarot Journal

Module 4 – Recognizing Familiar Symbols in Tarot

Module 5 – The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Module 6 – Creating Tarot Spreads Without a Ton of Cards

Module 7 – The Scary Cards of Tarot Are Nothing to Be Frightened About

Module 8 – Easy & Effective Ways to Build Your Intuitive Abilities

Module 9 – No More Second Guessing Yourself…Driving Away Self-Doubt!

BONUS: Shadow Work Workshop

BONUS: The Fool’s Intuitive Journey 3-Day Series

BONUS: Quick Start to Reading Tarot Intuitively 5-Day Challenge

BONUS: Using Bath Magic to Improve Your Spiritual Practice

BONUS: Create a Musical Tarot Deck 5-Day Challenge

BONUS: Costume Your Cards Workshop

BONUS: Optimizing Your Etsy Shop as a Tarot Reader

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