When I first started Tarot and Tea, I had a vision for an amazing intuitive tarot reading community. A place where the energy was warm, welcoming, and gave a home-away-from-home for other spiritualists and witches like me.
As this group grows, I see more readers with these untapped abilities pour in.
As each challenge goes by, I see each and every one of you mature into yourselves.
Your connection with your intuition is growing, individually and as a group. I receive emails saying how you apply what I’ve been teaching, how you’ve grown your practice, and even how it’s started changing your lives.
This is the reason I became an intuitive tarot reading mentor. I wanted to give those who wanted to expand their minds, hearts, and spiritual paths the teacher and guide I never had.
But from all the praise I see and give, I feel some of you still pull back.
You’re afraid of growing your instincts and inner power.
You say to yourself that you’re comfortable with the way you’ve been reading for the past 25+ years
You’re brand new to the world of divination so you’re afraid to speak up in a thread or get an answer wrong.
There are no wrong answers.
There’s nothing wrong with changing your style.
Your innate knowledge the most powerful part of your being.
Every single person here, including you, came to this group for a reason. I read every answer to the introduction questions and what’s the answer?
“I just knew I had to be here – it’s so cozy and warm”
“I feel my practice will grow just by being apart of this community”
“I felt drawn to joining. Like if I didn’t, I wouldn’t start reading intuitively like I want to”
You hit that “join” button. You filled out the questions. You’ve done the challenges AND the work to get to know your practice.
Now it’s time to take it to the next level.
This 22-module packed course includes:
Introduction to Magic and Energy Work
Finding Your Natural Energy Cycle in the Stars
How to Effectively Connect with Your Spirit Guide
Using Correspondences to Improve Your Craft
Building a Solid Power Base Using the Elements
Angels, Demons, and Spirits…Oh My!
Creating Amazing Sigils is FUN and EASY

and much more
Rachel did a superb job answering any questions I had. She also did an excellent job at going through each card and explaining what they each meant for my question! This course was spot on! Highly recommended!!! – Kathy W.”
If you grab this membership at the introductory price of $75 a month, you’ll receive these bonus offers:
The Beginner’s Guide to Tarot eBook
Complete sets of daily log inserts for your tarot journal, plus original spreads and Minor Arcana study workbooks
Awaken Your Intuition Guided Meditation MP3
Beginner’s Guide to Magic
An weekly elemental base challenge

Access to the exclusive Crone Academy Facebook Group and website
You also secure workshops, challenges, series, and content created in the Tarot and Tea Facebook group for a lifetime! As the membership site grows, you’ll grow right along with it!

Course Information

Course Instructors

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Module 1: So, You Want to Be Psychic?

Module 2: Introduction to Magic and Energy Work

Module 3: Finding Your Spiritual Path and Practice is FUN

Module 4: Discovering the Right Tools for Your Work

Module 5: Build a Solid Power Base Using the Elements

Module 6: Finding Your Natural Energy Cycle in the Stars

Module 7: Introduction to Meditation and Visualization

Module 8: Clearing Your Energy with Chakra Work

Module 9: How to Effectively Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Module 10: Introduction to Psychic Modalities

Module 11: Easy, Everyday Exercises to Clear Negative Energy

Module 12: Building Your Power and Protecting Your Energy as an Empath

Module 13: Using Correspondences to Improve Your Craft

Module 14: Building Your Skills as a Medium

Module 15: How to Direct and Receive Energy

Module 16: Specialties and Specifications in Magic

Module 17: How to Create Effective Spells Using Everyday Items

Module 18: Creating Amazing Sigils is FUN and EASY

Module 19: Finding the Right Numerology Method for You

Module 20: Angels, Demons, and Spirits…Oh My!

Module 21: Involving Other People into Your Energetic Practice

Module 22: Effectively Combining Your Psychic Knowledge with Other Modalities

BONUS: Clairs and Wares Workshop

BONUS: Master Your Magical Energy Live Program

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