Rachel Erazo

She's an intuitive life coach that specializes in energy blocks.

As a tarot reading mentor, Rachel empowers beginning and advanced psychic readers through intuitive courses and workshops.

She's also a full-fledged cottage witch that's obsessed with tea, Stardew Valley, candles, and baby kisses.

Rachel's priority and purpose in life is to empower tarot readers, from beginning to advanced, to use their intuitions in their readings. She spends her days helping 300+ spiritual workers and psychics to improve their divination craft and hone their skills.

She knows what it's like to look at a deck and have no clue where to start with reading. Rachel has jumped through the hoops, done the heavy work, and makes it her mission to teach intuitive tarot reading in FUN and EASY ways.

Rachel knows there's others out there, people like YOU, who are ready to take their tarot reading practice to the next level. She wants to help you create your own unique way of reading the cards, recognizing the symbols, and giving out-of-this-world tarot readings.
If you're a reader who's been studying tarot for 40+ years and has lost the passion OR just got your first deck and have no clue where to start...

Rachel wants to work with you to get past those blocks and start becoming the powerful, perceptive reader she knows you are.

Lavender Mortar & Pestle

She's been through it all

A toxic parent that was emotionally and physically abusive.

Multiple manipulative relationships, laying next to men that she knew didn’t love or want her.

Living with no food in the cabinets and -$200 in the bank.

Left abandoned by family, people who had loved her for years, just because Rachel wanted to be happy.

She's gone through a lot, but in turn created her own support system. She finished her degree in Theatre and American Sign Language, got married, and has a beautiful family. She's created an incredible course to teach others how to use their intuition with tarot cards.

What you want in an intuitive tarot reading coach is someone who's been in the same boat as you. You don't want a robot telling you to memorize meanings - you want a personable, patient, heartfelt mentor who can make the swords and wands make sense.

Having done over 500 paid professional Tarot, Oracle, Palmistry, and Shufflemancy readings, as well as empathic and psychic coaching, Rachel is more than qualified to teach you how to read tarot intuitively.

Rachel's unique style of teaching and coaching focuses on using everyday symbolism and techniques to make tarot relatable and easy to understand. No memorizing keywords for hours - just enjoying your psychic tarot practice!

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