Start Reading Tarot Intuitively Course

Take control of your tarot reading practice with this 9-Module course!

Includes all workshops, series, and challenges from the Tarot and Tea Facebook group.

Crown Activate: Psychic and Magic Development for Diviners

Ready to tap into your true abilities? This 22-module course is the perfect starting point for building your power base and creating a regular practice for yourself.


Meet Your Instructor

Rachel Erazo is an intuitive divination mentor and psychic development coach.

Having done over 500 paid professional Tarot, Oracle, Palmistry, and Shufflemancy readings, as well as emphatic and psychic coaching, Rachel is more than qualified to teach you how to read tarot intuitively.

Rachel's unique style of teaching and coaching focuses on using everyday symbolism and techniques to make energy work relatable and easy to understand. No memorizing keywords for hours - just enjoying your divination practice!